I wonder!

Well nothing in this world comes for free, be it a smile or a hug as you will see,
Life’s strange and more stranger are the people who have almost forgotten humanity,
Even if earlier was Buddha preaching to be good and then was Jesus alive for Christianity,
Day by day grows the hunger for money and success and fame,
Without realizing that it’s nothing but a candle that burns us all with a huge flame,
We wish to be happy but spend all our lives in search of something called ‘jealousy’ from our friends and foe,
At the end realizing that living life with peace and patience was one of the most important thing to do,
On one hand I see people begging on roads to earn some cents to feed themselves and their families,
On the other are the chunk of poor and their tragedies,
I wonder when and whether or not we will learn the treasure of having a human life,
Or we will prefer to be the Bad and Ugly one inside with a made up disguise!

But change is the human nature and change brings the nature in human, one day or the other, I am sure we will look inside, no matter how much bad we have we will kill it and strive, soon will be the good days back, where all the humans will be on the peaceful track!



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