My Inner Angel can change my Life’s Angle!

Having sitting with no one around, I heard a voice. I tried to look everywhere within the line of sight but I failed to find anyone. I sat head down and I again heard someone, this time just not calling my name but with a smile of a child..I realized I am hearing it with my eyes closed and from someplace very close to heart. My inner being! The moment I realized, the conversation had already begun..

She said, “you get Not what you do but, what you want to have. Be good and just forget. Don’t think much about the bad done to you. If people can forget the good done to them, why can’t you forget the Bad? It isn’t really difficult. You just have to have a simple thinking of letting things go and wait for next.”

I said, “But this is not easy..I can’t let people do to me whatever they want. I won’t let them hurt me, mock at me, think bad about me and do bad to me. I will stop, and protest. I will stand up each time they hit me. I will punch their faces hard to hurt them back and show them what I am”.

She, “No, this is what is not supposed to be done. If you don’t like them for they are and what they do to you, and in return you do the same then how could you like your own self? You dislike them for mocking, hurting and judging you. But aren’t you doing the same?”

I, “umm..Yeah, right. But then I can’t just things happen. I have full rights to live a life where I am satisfied and happy. Have people around me who love me and not hate me. What am I supposed to do then..stay quiet and bear all wrong doings to me? Would that not be injustice to my own living?”

She, “Well, not really. Look, if a tree bends to share its fruits with the trespassers then, not all of them treat the tree back. I mean, some are happy to have the fruit and after having it they simply pass by, some try to climb up to have more, and some even break the other branches of the tree to have more fruits with them, without realizing that their greed to have more is hurting the Giver. Does it change it self? NO, the never-minding tree bends down again when it has new fruits, some more trespassers again break its branch(s), tree grows new fruits and bends again..It never loses its own quality of sharing the love with others. So why do you become bad just because some others are bad to you?”

I, “True, then from now on should I let others do whatever they want to do and I shall stay happy in my own shell. Just ignoring them. Sounds pretty good, stay with your own self and don’t give a damn to bad people..”

She, “No this is not good either. Letting others do anything to you is not my point. Just observe them, stay away from the ones you think are not the ones who you belong to. Try finding your matches, once you have them, you automatically will not care about the bad ones. You will have a family – not blood related, but trust related – and the others will simply be the outsiders who you don’t care about. But, don’t overlook them, look at them, in fact too carefully and observe them so that you can learn from them. Don’t become like them, because if you will, you will hate yourself, and if you still can love yourself then you’re biased. You can’t be in two boats together, if you’re like them, you will hate yourself and if you’re not then you are your own beloved.”

I, “hmmm, well I see, I have to have a close look at the people around me, the good ones, the bad ones and the neutral ones. Not because I judge them but because I simply want to know where I belong, to whom I belong, to what extent I am good and bad. I can’t follow, Tit-For-Tat, because that makes me a bad human being. But, I can keep my eyes open and senses vigilant to stay away to protect myself and learn to be and stay a good human being.”

And finally, after a lovely time of self-preaching, I realized, I am my own light, my own guide. I have the power to motivate and de-motivate myself, the strength to take my steps towards good or evil, the right to behave well or misbehave. I am ME, and I can be what ever I want to BE!!



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