Do you agree?

We feel, we cry and make lots of try,
we walk, run and try to fly,

seeing things difficult sometimes we quit and sometimes we achieve,
sometimes after falling we’re in bad grief,

we care, we share but never open up complete,
life is simple but for us its always obsolete,

we could make things have new twists and turns,
and once we’ve done it we have old dreams burned,

how could we see through if we have so much trash in our eyes,
we wish to have a rainbow while raining in the night skies,

we love, expect and hate when we don’t have it,
not thinking that expecting is bad and in love it doesn’t fit,

we make sure we become strong and fight back,
we start with full pace but fall on the same old track,

we wish happiness but fail to give it to others,
most of the time this what brings to our lives all the clutter,

we want to be forgiven for every mistake we do,
but if someone does something wrong to us we immediately want to sue,

we care about ourselves and things that make us smile,
because of this we fear in risking and making a new trial,

who knew what life could be, hillarious or sad,
but at least we can adjust in what we have and be glad,

we don’t gie a damn about beggars who sleep everyday cold on railway stations,
but we feel no bad spending hundreds of euros buying new play stations,

we say, “we want to be good and become a better human being,
BUT after we’ve taken all revenges and without freeing”,

Taking revenge is not human, but is just being bad,
you hurt yourself, others, and everyone else while you are mad,

life is a lot more than Truths and Lies,
It is about letting things go and have a beautiful soul – that never Dies!



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