feeling the love..


For the one,

who sometimes screamed at me but came running to me when I cried,
who sometimes slapped me but fought with the entire world when I was treated wrong,
who sometimes laughed at me to show me not to laugh at others,
who sometimes did not talk with me to teach me the meaning of being with your ownself,
who sometimes ignored me to make me realize my mistake on my own,
who sometimes criticized me to help me accept both praises and critics with open mind,
who sacrificed whatever was possible to help me have a future I planned for,
who had her own dreams for my life but never forced me to follow them but have some of my own and see what is correct and what’s not,

one who always showed me the concern, anger, love, care and affection whenever and wherever possible to help me Grow what I am. Who made me shine like a sunflower even when I am the most average person of the world. Today I am in love with the Lady of my Life, the one who not only gave me birth but also made me someone who can prove that my presence is worth in this world, for myself and for the people around me!

Love you Mummy! This is my return gift for you before the time comes when I celebrate the day I was born 🙂 :*



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