Its me!

I smile because I want to,

I laugh because I feel like,

I be honest because that’s the way it is supposed to be,

I care because I know how it feels to be cared,

I question because I want an answer,

I doubt because I have been betrayed,

I worry because problems can be solved,

I turn my back because I don’t feel anymore looking at it,

I cry because holding tears back is no excuse,

I help because I once needed it the most and did not had it,

I pray because it helps me have peace within me,

Most importantly,

I watch myself because I want to see how others look at me BUT, I see ‘no matter how much and whatever I do my honesty will be questioned and always misunderstood’.

So now on, I try to be MYSELF no matter what people think and talk about me, if they one day felt that I am ME they will understand my honesty otherwise there was never the time when they could understand me!!


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