Learning from uncertain transitions!

After a long time I feel like writing again. And thanks to the people who indirectly inspire me to do this. Like always I start with Life. Strange word, strange meaning, strange paths to walk on and still so beautiful. I have – as always – been wondering why uncertain transitions happen in our life. Some of them make us feel best, some make us feel worse, some make us happy and some sad, with some we wish to walk further and with some we never want to accompany. It is so uncertain that which one would lead you to what place in future. Even after knowing that things in future will anyway be uncertain, we still have some plans. When they work out the way we thought it gives us pleasure and stability, when they don’t it shakes us and snatches away the faith that we have on our own self.

What is important to know is that the uncertainties we face are not always self created. Sometimes they are forcefully pushed into our happy moments by the cruel destiny and sometimes they just pop up from no where to make us realize that they were always there but we never paid attention to them. The latter one is troublesome because there the very moment you see it, you think bad about yourself. You get to realize that it was there but unfortunately for some reason you couldn’t diagnose it. Later, you lose faith in your actions and your gut strength because you question yourself whether you’re a fool or someone who could do mistakes, like all other humans.

The biggest uncertainty, I think for most of us, is ‘what would happen if I do this, and what would not happen if I don’t?’. Well, a difficult question to answer. I have really not found any good answer for this. But someone wise has said, “you’re away from the consequences of something till the time you are not into it, the moment you are a part of it, you have to face its consequences: good or bad no one knows”. And to this, I ask a question with a curious state of mind that “how do we know what is what we need to stay away from and what is what needs to be done?”. Perhaps the answer could be, “listen to what your elders say..watch their experiences..try not to repeat their mistakes..try to be as open minded as possible and etc..”

But what does it actually mean? Well, with my naive mind, all I can understand is that, we need to have open eyes and ears more often than open mouths. We need to learn from the experiences of others before we our self experience something bad or perhaps worse. We need to listen to the advices and suggestions of our elders we trust. BUT, I still have a strong feeling that,

own experiences make us more strong,

our own mistakes make us see things better,

sometimes very strong gut feeling is not always wrong,

transitions are good if you wish to learn from them!!

Its like in computer science, trying to learn a program by looking at someone’s code is very simple. But you don’t know what bugs the programmer faced while writing the problem, what approach was their in his/her mind while programming, what thought process s/he went through. The moment you start writing your program, you start from the scratch, the thoughts, the approach and the bugs all belong to you and so the solution too comes from within. It is good to borrow experiences from others and prevent yourself from doing it, but at the same time do not forget to have them from your own experience.

It is like, being well acquainted with the fact that walking bare foot on the road of thorns would hurt your feet and so you want to borrow the slippers of someone else because you know they will protect you from being hurt. BUT, watch it, may be the slippers are the wrong fit for you and instead of protecting your feet you fall more hard on the thorns. Either get your own slippers or find a solution for yourself on your own!

In short, whatever may be the uncertain transitions, of course keep everyone’s suggestions in your bag pack BUT do not forget to evaluate things on your own level too. Even if you make mistakes, do not be afraid, because even the sharp Eagle was once a little bird and learned flying on its own after failing thousand times.



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