Magical people!

Walking in the forest today, I realize having someone with you to share your inside out is may be all we need. Or this is what may be all of us need. There are many of us who have lost our loved ones, one or the other way. Some must have passed away and others must have passed from the way. We miss them because we miss the time spent with them. We recall the memories because we can’t have them back with us now. We think and we wish we could have captured every single second and time never passes. But, life is a magical box with magical people. It is both dark and transparent, closed and open at the same time. You can never see inside and also you always know what would make what happen next.

You know but you don’t know. You wish to know but you cannot. You love to laugh but you’re forced by something unknown to stay back and hold your smile because there is – deep down – something that stops you, something that asks you what is needed, what are you looking for. And then suddenly, there is a magic and you have someone who is with you to listen to you, to be with you, smile with you and most importantly smile at you. This is what I find the best. You lose some people at one point of time and at another you find others – may be who can’t take place of the ones you lost – but are there for you and your happiness.

these people understand you and make themselves understandable,

they like you and make themselves liked by you,

they make you smile and make sure to do every possible stupid thing to make you laugh loud,

they ignore you on your face but behind your back they come running and hug you,

they are tough for the world but too soft for you,

they stay quiet amongst all but speak crap with you,

these are the ones who make your life, and they make you realize that its equally important to live for others as it is to live for your OWN SELF!!!


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