Listen, think and do it!

To make mistakes is a human tendency, to correct them needs strength, patience and most importantly the realization that what you did was wrong. But how do you know it was wrong? A big question that comes into existence from the very moment when you see that you did something and people around you – your family and friends – start disliking your action. Now there starts another confusion, do things for yourself or for their happiness? Another trouble comes with when you see that their happiness and your happiness is different. Phewww! This list never ends.

I have been doing too many and too much of stupid – unwanted – things that I shouldn’t have. This ‘shouldn’t have’ possibility comes from what people think what is right and wrong. But now, if I ask myself, that why shouldn’t have I done them? The elders say something else, friends say something else, and the rest of people are the ones I don’t care. It is often also the case that your heart says something and your mind says something else completely. Who to trust and move on? Strange but a typical question that is Always there when you have to make a crucial decision. I used to think (have also written a blog) that there has to be a perfect balance between heart and head but now I see it isn’t that simple. Its complicated and weird.

One can never have a perfect balance between the two, unless the person is enlightened. In fact and enlightened person doesn’t even need to have this balance because s/he is above all this stupid stuff. but that’s another story. My (I think so yours too) story is full of tangles, troubles, decisions yet to make and some that have been made already, aftermath of bad and good deeds that I have done and the like. I never felt before that one should think about things before doing them. One habit that I am addicted to is ‘Just Do it’ and then see whats gonna happen next. Today, I feel that this habit is both good and bad. When you don’t think and do stuff abruptly then possibly if it turns good you have a happy time with crackers in the sky and unfortunately if it turns bad, then starts your Doom.

But who knows, what is correct and what not. May be we know it, deep down in our consciousness we know what is right and what is wrong because inside each of us is a voice, an inner voice that speak balanced words. The balance that we expect to maintain on our own is already there inside us, we just have to let it speak and listen to it. But, I often ignore it thinking that anyway things are pre-destined what great good could you do by deciding upon a choice? Today, at this present moment, I feel that it makes a lot of difference when you listen to your inner voice, think about it and then act on. You take your time, your inner voice guides you, you think and then implement and if after that something goes wrong then you can at least tell your self that I did what was correct and now if this bad has happened it was in my destiny.

What if we ignore that inner voice and do whatever we wish for? Then it would be a bigger challenge for us because then the balance state is to be maintained by us and how can you balance between two sides of a see-saw when you are sitting on one side of it already? If you think, you are in your mind, if you don’t you are in your are never in between. Never could you be. At least from my experience, I learned this. Also, someone told me, ‘your decision changes your roads of future, do it wisely’. I could not understand that then but today, I agree to it and think its important to lend an ear to our inner voice before we do anything, irrespective of whatever our dreams have been, whatever our thoughts have been. Check the rationality and then decide on one. Later on we won’t regret that we did it without thinking. This is more painful than doing something patiently and not ending with good. But most often, what your voice says ends with good. I trust myself on that, not sure about others.




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