”Good days will come..Good days were ALWAYS there”

While the result of elections-2014 (for the PM) in India was one of the most awaited event in past few decades, I am sure people are happy with the results, perhaps majority of them, the ones who voted for their so called ‘The Decent and The Correct’ choice, ”NaMo”. Well, I agree, I am happy too. But there is not one reason which makes me happy, in fact there are a lot and one being that I voted for the first time in my life and my vote was pretty lucky (for the current government) that after winning the majority of votes for ruling government, poor Congress lost the game this time. Jokes apart, I was happy to vote, not only for the first time but also because I finally could make a trip to India and fortunately was in my city when voting happened. Another reason of being happy is that someone who countrymen trusted – of course I do too (to an extent) – won and is finally the PM! But is this it?? Is what was needed? A sequential way of getting a thing done. Extirpate the bad doings of former govt, highlighting them to the highest extent, then highlighting your good for the society, publicize everywhere, get the votes, win and be the PM!

No no no, not at all. May be for the PM, this is it, but is this it for the countrymen? For you, your family, your friends and for me? I can be sure that the ‘Tag Line- Good days will come’ (the promotion words of current govt) brain washed so many people that they just voted to NaMo with a belief that this would come true. I am not against it, it probably could happen as well. No one knows what would come next but just in case, this doesn’t then the entire chunk of people who voted for NaMo will be the first ones to go on a strike, road shows, road dramas and the like. Why don’t this chunk understand one thing that NaMo is just a medium for bringing the change, just a medium – just like us. May be one or ten steps ahead with more power and more people and having a position of PM which we don’t have. But having all this, does it make sense that a PM will change the days of the country?

I doubt. Its as simple as a principal of the school wants that all children (both guys and girls) should behave well, all teachers must be punctual, all things should go as planned and blah blah blah. Now just imagine, because principal cannot visit each classroom each day, s/he doesn’t know whether the lectures are happening on time; because he cannot be present in the ground he doesn’t know how children behave with each other; because he cannot look after everything things probably could go not-as planned. But he could of course punish the bad guys out, kick out the teachers who don’t come on time, and likewise take other decisions to maintain the dignity and also the good in the school. But would this come to an end? New teachers will be appointed and unfortunately if they’re also like the previous ones kicked out then the process would repeat. And in Computer science terminology this would lead to an infinite loop.  A loop that never comes to an end ever. Because the local variables – the teacher and the students have the same property always – and, unfortunately, the global variable isn’t available to handle stuff always.

Science was derived from Nature and it will always have its basis deeply rooted in nature. This is what computer science also follow. Just like the school and the infinite loop, we should understand that even if we elect the correct person as the PM of our country things won’t change until WE change. If people in govt. offices bribe the customers, what would PM do in that? Kick him out and appoint another one? If another one does the same and then so on then this will never end. Of course, if you’re lucky the new one won’t bribe, and this is what is needed. The new one isn’t the PM but a normal man/woman who decides NOT TO BRIBE! What did PM do in it? As a punishment to rapes PM decides to give a death sentence to the culprit then 10 more culprits would be scared to rape and the number of related issues would go down! but have we ever asked our self a simple question that is it the punishment or the teaching that matters more?

Punishment is given after the crime is done, the life of the girl is already out of order, no happiness, no love, no smile, no life. She and her family live like a dead family. But if you teach boys to respect women then punishment isn’t needed. If the mother teaches her son to respect her and all other girls then he can make other girls feel safe and most importantly live a life that he is living. He can bring a worthy deserving life to those girls who could have lost all hope had he been not taught to respect and adore the opposite gender. It is important, really important. It is needed to change ourselves, our thinking, our living, our way of actions so that when we become parents we teach our children what we have already learned and therefore make them not only better person but also a good citizen. A citizen who knows that he has to vote and select a govt to rule the country he is living in, but at the same time he also knows that PM is just for the worst case scenario and he himself will never let the worst begin EVER!!

As I believe, most of the times, be the change in yourself and you’ll see a different world which is free from expectations that others  will change.

Be the good, and it will happen,

Be the happiness, and things will smile,

Be the shine, and the rain will have a rainbow,

Be the guide and the let the coming generation be guided for them to guide theirs!!




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