Perfection, doesn’t exist At All.

What did you find here, what are you looking for,

Looking outside is of no use if everything lies deep down in the core,

No one can answer that question in future just like no one could do that before,

Searching something known is wisdom but searching never seen stuff is craziness for sure,

Things will happen like they always have and you will just be allured,

First look at yourself and ask if you are really pure,

The more you run away from the truth the more it becomes obscure,

The often you sit with it soon you can make it secure,

How can you know it by reading or watching when everyone is so unsure,

What did you find here, what are you looking for,

Looking outside is of no use if everything lies deep down in the core,

No one can answer that question in future just like no one could do that before.


Strange and Magnificent are the two words I have in my mind when I think about life. Not only mine but also some of my known. It is such a bliss when you want something to happen and it happens within a fraction of second. You don’t do much to get it done but somehow its there, done, ready, in front of you. This is what is happiness, bliss and then comes the satisfaction. But does it end here? I am sure, NOT!

We want more, and more and more with time. We wish to buy a cycle, and after having it a motorbike, after bought that a car, then a better one, more advanced, sophisticated and full of new super software systems and the list never ends. To an extent this is acceptable. Having desires and fulfilling them on your own capabilities is good. But, excess of everything is bad. As according to nature, everything has to come to an end, so must this desire of having more and more. This is not trivial, I know and so does each one of us. It is difficult to put a full stop in the list. We tend towards making our life something but we never end up having it. We try, with money and efforts, happy and sad moments, ups and downs. We put everything that we can do, just to make our life – PERFECT! But have we ever thought, what is this? What does this word really means?

If you call someone with a BMW perfect then someone in some part of the world with a RollsRoyce more perfect than that.  If you call a pretty slim fair girl perfect then how would you define Marlyn Monroe? If you call the founder of apple company perfect then what was Einstein? May be there’s something like, 2+2=4, perfect + beyond perfect = more perfect and so on. Good math! Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist. Because the first thing in which you’re adding doesn’t exist itself. There’s nothing called perfect. As far as I know and my imagination and wit goes, it really is non-existing. Something absolutely fictional, full of people’s thoughts and dreams.

I can prove it too. What do you call a person who searches something he has never seen? May be for example, if I ask you to search a word ”tokimato” then you would probably look at me, think for a moment, look at me again and mock. You will either tell me that you have never heard of it and also there doesn’t exist any word like this in any language of the world or you will ask me to show you a picture of it or anything so that you know what you are looking for. I am almost 99% sure that a normal person would react the same way. When your mother asks you to search for her spectacles, you look for an item with two glasses joint together in frame of some color. You know it, its in your mind and that is what you want to search. If you are told to search ”tokimato” what would you really search? Moreover, if I make something – anything may an item – and put it online using that word on google today – and fortunately if it gets popular in sometime – then at least after 10 years people will know what does this mean. And perhaps get acquainted with it. Then it will be justified statement to ask ‘where is ”tokimato”’, but today, definitely not.

As simple as that, PERFECTION doesn’t exist. It never did. Its just something like ”tokimato” that no one has ever seen but always have run to have it. To bring in their lives, in their family, to their kids and so on. You can never become something that never was. You can of course improve yourself, you can polish yourself, make yourself more better and better but how can you say ‘Today, I am really the Best’. How do you know that tomorrow you will not improve? And if you do, then what were you a day before? Best or Best-1? and what will you be an year after, best+365? That sounds funny, and that is one funny truth that we must accept.

We have been doing that since our childhood. our parents wanted to send us to the perfect schools, to have the perfect teachers, to get perfect scores, to get into perfect college, do the perfect studies, then go to perfect university get graduated, find the perfect job and then ‘perfect  Match’. This is another thing that confuses me completely. What does this mean here? Now if you really believe in this word ‘perfect’, and if every man wants a perfect girl – and vice versa – then who gets the imperfect? May be no one or may be you will say that it depends upon an individual. Its like if a semi-circle gets another semi-circle and half rectangle gets another half then that is what is the perfect match. So that would mean, mathematically, that a triangle is not the perfect match for a rectangle. And I would, here, completely disagree. A rectangle if joined with a triangle with its base equal to any one of the two different sides of the rectangle would give you a beautiful Pentagon, the shape of the world’s safest architecture.

So, did you get my point? All I want to say is struggling to have something that is actually NOthing is being crazy. Instead improving yourself and investing all your time and efforts in being better is a good way of living a healthy and happy life. At the end of the day, all vanishes in the dark but if you wish you can continue re-building yourself next morning, with a smile and a hope to become BETTER and BETTER!



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