Think – yourself, about yourself!!

I have been doing too many new experiments with myself. Trying something that I never thought was meant for me, giving up things I liked the most, keeping quite (still trying 😉 ) and let the other speak, avoiding altercations to prove I am correct and letting the other understand that on its own. With all this, when I looked back and saw that its not me alone who could did it, there are many like me who never thought to have made it but are happily doing and also getting successful. I wondered for a while that there could be a reason which is valid and convincing and then after few seconds I found it, yes there is one. Your guide. Your inner being. You yourself.

I believe, things happen automatically. I also believe that we make things happen automatically. In fact, I believe things have to happen – one or the other way – it depends which way we want them to happen. Nothing is too tough in this World, its either possible or you did not try doing it. I read somewhere that there is no midway between ‘done’ and ‘not done’, its always one of it. If you can do it, you will do it and then the thing is done. If you couldn’t do it, its undone and there can be no third possibility of doing-the undone!

This might sound strange but, like other universal facts f.i. Sun rises in East, this is true too. Coming back to you being your guide, I think it should be taken too literally. There is no double meaning of it. From the time you have your senses working – not just after you are born but after some years – you know what is right and wrong. What should be done and avoided, what is to be laughed at and to keep quite, where to sit and when to stand, what to speak and when to shut up and so many. Who tells you all this – your parents, grandparents, elders, teachers etc. But who decides to follow. It will always be you, and who else do you think ??

People say life is beautiful, I say its you who make it worth that adjective. You can simply sit, do nothing, and make it a boredom OR you can get up, initiate something, just anything you like, and make it worth a life and not something to survive. If you wish to help others, start from your own living place, search for the people who you need help, don’t hesitate and just do it. While doing don’t think about the thoughts of others, don’t care about the society, don’t give a damn to your enemies and opponents if they mock at you. Just BE YOU and do it.

To put in an easy manner, given a circular dining table for 10 people to eat the world’s  last meal, and because of the human tendency, if each person looks in the plate of the next or someone adjacent then no one will be able to start the meal and die hungry with time. Because the meal won’t survive for more than a 1 day or two. Its absolutely the case with us, when we’re given our own lives, why do we look into others and try to live that and ignore ours? Why do we forget that its always about an individual and never two. When it comes to birth, its always one soul – one source of Energy – in each body and never two. When we die, we leave our soul and not anyone else could do that. When the nature has made us this simple, why do we complicate?

Why can not we guide ourselves to think about our self, our own living, happiness, work, family and love. Why do we have to build worries for others or think about their bad? Also thinking about your own self doesn’t mean you become selfish but is about turning selfless. Look at you, begin your day, promise you will do every possible thing to help others to make your inner being happy, be selfish to make your soul happy and selfless, at the same time, to make others soul happy too. Its may be like:

Help others but not trouble,
Laugh with others but not at them,
Give your hand to lift others not to push,
Walk with others but not over them,
Watch your actions and let them watch theirs,
Grow with time and not deteriorate,
Love yourself as a human and appreciate what you’ve been bestowed with and you’ll then be able to be the right Human!




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