Vote but don’t forget!

Vote but don't forget!

Just few hours before you cast your vote, think, re-think, think again and then finally chose the candidate,

Don’t forget what the former government promised but failed to fulfill,

Don’t forget the crisis your family had to face because of the rising prices,

Don’t forget the disrespect women had to face,

Don’t forget that you had to do candle marches for the raped,

Don’t forget you had to see the INR rate falling,

Don’t forget you had no one to control the traffic on the busy roads of Metro cities,

Don’t forget you were cheated with Tax,

Don’t forget you had the right to know the details of scams but they were hidden,

Don’t forget the cheap statements like, ‘why should boys be hanged for just raping..’,

Don’t forget the corruption you have been facing since years,

Don’t forget that even that ambulance is not given way in utmost emergency of the patient,

Don’t forget that the roads which were promised to be completed years ago are still the same,

Don’t forget many villages still have no electricity, water and other daily necessities,

Don’t forget that you live in a democratic country and you have all rights to VOTE and chose your candidate with full authority. Your VOTE will decide the coming govt and therefore your future, happy or bad depends on who you VOTE.

If you are an artist sketch a good India,

If you are a singer make India melodious,

If you are a doctor operate the disease that kills the freedom,

If you are an engineer, design India in a way which makes it efficient,

If you are an architect, construct a solid and unbreakable foundation,

If you are a dancer, make India dance on the best rhythm with full enthusiasm,

If you are a teacher, teach Indians to be good and honest,

If you are an advocate, fight for the right,

If you are a judge, don’t be scared to bring the justice,

If you are businessperson, export the good of India and import good from other countries,

If you are a writer, write to motivate all and inspire them,

If you are a speaker, expand your audience and tell the worth of your country,

If you are a soldier, defend yourself and defeat the enemies,

If you are a driver, drive India in a better direction,

Whatever you are, if you are an Indian, Prove your worth to prove that INDIA IS WORTH to live in!!

I am proud to be an Indian and I will always be!


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