Accept it, to improve it!

Most of, that is what I think, don’t tend to accept our mistakes or misdoings suddenly. We take our time, start with gear one, slowly raise our speed, press accelerator more, then go to gear two, raise speed a lil more, then third and finally we are on the track of accepting it! Well, this is normal. Abnormality could be a lot of situations or attitudes. One, doing the mistake and then suddenly realizing it in the second second but, forgetting or overlooking in the third second with happy go lucky face as if nothing happened at all. Second, doing the mistake and then realizing it too late and having a thought that now since its already done there’s no point thinking about it and finally having a smiling face. Third, which is also the best – probably – according to my experience in my life, is no matter what time you realize your mistake, you accept it and then try to improve it.

May be its easy if I say it this way, ‘recklessly spending money is a bad habit, the more you ignore, the more you sail away from the shore’. i.e. the more you keep ignoring your mistakes the more you tend towards your own end. I am not sure about others but, my personal experience has taught me a very simple lesson.

It is always less tense when you live each moment of your life. Just like someone has said, ‘Live as if you’ll die the next moment’. Have we ever thought, carefully, what does this say has in its core? What does it really mean? What message it wants to convey? Perhaps, none of us! Or may be all of us. I, until now, thought that it says to enjoy each moment as if you will not survive to experience the next one. But this is not it. It says a lot more which not that subtle yet difficult to see. It says to live as if you will die the next moment, which indirectly says, accept that you will die in the next moment and therefore try to improve your present moment! This sounds like a Mathematical Axiom that has been proved from a new method but whatever it is, I am sure my proof is Valid 😉

Life is a blessing, yes it truly is. Moreover, life as a human being is yet another blessing where we can do what we wish, achieve what we desire, live what we once dreamed of. But is this all what we are supposed to do? Do, achieve, live and not learn to overcome our misdoings, erase the bad in us, work on the darker side of our existence? This is what is may be Meditation: where you are supposed to sit quiet with your own self- so that you have just you with you; breath really deep to detoxify your lungs; think nothing to give passage to the real thoughts, and then differentiate between the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, the dark and the bright. And at the end, accept our bad, work on it, and kill it to bring the good inside you. Unless this is done, we can never improve. It is simple, until you realize that the spelling you wrote is incorrect you will never erase it, and until you won’t erase it you can never write the correct one and not repeat that mistake again!

It is in your hands and your will power how much you really want to know your bad side, your mistakes and your misdoings. The often you do, the sooner you can overcome the bad and be the Good!

And at the end, it is a hard core fact that, ‘Its easy to be a human being, but difficult in being the real human!’



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