Learning and Growing often – must – go together!

I am not wise, I am sure, not at all – but I want to be, just a little. I can also explain myself the reason to this desire of being wise..
I want to learn and grow, and at the same time overcome my weaknesses.
I want to talk with the people I love and have them with me so that what good I learn I can share with them.
I want to smile, and let go my fears – not just Ignore – but fight and win over them and stand up with Victory.
I want to show myself – not just the world – that I am the one who can conquer my bad and be the good for myself and for others.
I want to be wise.. I am not wise, I am sure, not at all – but I want to be, just a little.

I often see people struggling, spending sleepless nights, having no fun, just fighting with their lives, each and every moment having the desire to enjoy but having not been able to do it breaking into tears and entering a dark and gloomy world which perhaps never existed before for them and now, is the place where they don’t even live but just Survive!

I am young and definitely not mature enough to comment on any one’s personal life, lifestyle and their attitude towards themselves. But with time, I am sure, I have seen and have learned to relate lots of things. Things that make a difference in our life; things that gradually tug us towards darkness; things that may bring us back to light and the like. And with this, one common thing I see is, that most of us simply Ignore to even have a look at the things that makes a difference and then we expect to change our lives and get back the happy moments that we’ve lost.

Well, this is impossible. Without being able to understand how the car starts and pressing accelerator and knowing the brakes we want to just manipulate the steering and take a U-turn back to good! Simply possible. It is so important that we see, and moreover inspect our self, again and again, scrutinize the reasons behind what we are and find the difference between to what we were or what we desire to be.

” Wisdom never comes with age, nor does the comes IF you want it to come to you, else you lack both.” If the former was true then all old people would have given the wisest decisions, and if the latter was true too then all the experienced ones would have never let their young ones or may be themselves repeat any mistake. But there are, who are old and do have wisdom and experience and one of the reason is that they, may be, wanted not just to LIVE but LEARN and grow.

So, in all, if we try to speculate what we do and what it results into; if try to watch not only our actions but also thoughts; if we try to behave the way our conscious wants us and not depend wholly on the pre-defined destiny, we might Change the bad moments into happier ones, may be not always and all but, even if sometimes and some of them, we can really be Happy!
And that will be The Juncture where we will learn and grow from then on!!



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