For you, just a Pet, for him, you’re his World!

For you, just a Pet, for him, you're his World!

A pet, someone that some of us would definitely like to have, some would do anything to have and some don’t like having one. What is it about having a pet? Loving an animal or serving someone who can’t speak but of course can feel and replicate your love for him. Or may be it depends from person to person. Some might keep pets for a hobby, some for their livelihood and some because they love animals. Well, human specie is an intricate amongst all species. We have brain and therefore we have logic. We can think logically and thus we can also apply one here. Like in case of having pets, there is not much logic, other than having them for the livelihood. For all others, its love. Love for someone who is not human, but is yet so close to your heart that you would do anything for him.
I would say, even for those who love pets, for them, a pet might just be an animal living in their home, who’s got a routine: routine to sleep, wake-up, get fresh, eat, play and go to sleep again. But for him, your everything, from getting up to getting fresh, from cooking breakfast to going office, coming back and relaxing and getting back to work, is his world.
For you, it would be simply someone who can’t, of course, speak or yell but always available on your one signal; but for him, you’re his master, his life, his happiness if you’re there and sadness if missing.
Its strange, to see dogs and cats specially, how they welcome the one’s who takes care of them, the joy they have in them is simply unmeasurable. The pain they have in their eyes when they see you sad or not free to play with them is incomparable. Have you ever noticed when you simply look into the eyes of a dog or a cat with love you will never see anger, you’ll see they so easily replicate the same to you. The amount of love you get from your pets is beyond any comparisons, and what do you offer them: just a home, food to eat and place to sleep? Nothing more. Yet they obey you, follow you and would do anything for you with full passion. The very moment they hear your voice, they jump out with joy, and when they realize you’re not their, they miss you. They learn new things just to be like you, to be more close to you and to be you. And what else is the definition of true love? Nothing, but this!

Who would do that in today’s world? Do we not have so many things to learn from our pets? Love, compassion, trust and faith? I think, a lot more! It would be good to scratch our heads and see beyond human species and start learning from what animals, our pets, teach us!



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