Stay tough….life will be softer to u!

Stay will be softer to u!

Its not too late,
so GO, Run Reach and Open the gate,
Enter it and hold the glorious knife, and cut the victorious cake of your life,
Go and start walking on the success’ ladder, and don’t stop until life shatters,
It doesn’t matter if you fall again and again, and starting from beginning brings no shame,
What matters if you don’t have money, word hard and surely your tomorrow will be sunny,
But only when, you keep your steps moving ahead on that way,
people watching you might say, ‘s/he fell that day, on the same way, but today she still shines like a hay,’
Remember one thing, always treat yourself like a Queen or a King,
Who even after hearing to the praises never gets snob, and never let his people sob,
Life’s too short to open the success’ knot, no matter what, you keep trying hard,
coz to get back the kingdom, even the richest king once fought,
Saying is easy, easier is to believe, and easiest is to sit and grieve,
Choice is yours, make plans, implement and strive to achieve, or let the most precious gems within you pass through the life’s sieve..



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