In the CORE, lies the Inspiration!

Sometimes all what is needed is allowing your destiny to enter your life and change everything. We often don’t do that because we’re scared of the change. We must learn what is required is to be anxious about it yet give it one chance. A chance that may prove to be very lucky for you, life changing experience. I know, its not easy to have a satisfactory life, and I think no human being has had it ever – the ones who had it were beyond simple human beings.
What I personally experience, almost everyday, is that you are never happy, with what you do, if you do something to avoid facing the reality. I may put it in simple words saying, having a happy shell is just like watching snow flurries on a flower petal and being happy that it snowed. When the flurries melt they fall down as water and you’re happiness plummets with that. Each time you see snow flurries you are happy because you want to have a happy moment of enjoying it and you do not accept the truth that it might not snow, and what you see is just a matter of few seconds which won’t, of course, last forever.
It is the basic human tendency to not confront the reality until the time when it slaps hard on your face and you’re forced to accept it because you have no choice. Well, a better solution is simpler than the pain of the slap which destiny would give you in future. It would be nice if we, somehow, beg-borrow-or-steal, from somewhere even a little amount of courage and face the truth which is though bitter but life changing. In more simpler words, lets get to the core of our REALITY, our life’s bitter truths, our life’s bad-weird moments and facts so that we might, while struggling with them, perhaps find some solution to come out of them..

Wise men often say, go deep to earn a pearl from the sea. I would modify that a bit more, go to the core of heart, see where you lack, where you fall, where you can’t stand, where you fail and allow your destiny to show you everything about you, that you never wanted to see or you always ignored – because you were scared. Let the fear and worse things come on your way, so that once you see them and know them, you can fight with them.

I don’t know someone has said this before or not but, I would like to say, ”before you enter the battle, watch your strength but observe (never forget) your weaknesses more, so that even if you forget to use your strength you never forget about weakness. The more you know your weakness the more ways you can have to win over it.

Let your inner core inspire you the most, let you be your inspiration and let you follow your own divine energy, your SOUL!


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