Good changing to bad..!

Good changing to bad..!

When life can be double faced then why does it become difficult to accept the two faced attitude of people, especially when they have valid reasons for it?
Strange but, true; bad yet inevitable; complicated still untangled. Not many thoughts crossed my mind in past few days because, I had already enough of matter in the few that were already there troubling me.. But even after there complex and irritating nature a very simple thought crossed my mind few days ago. While just reading one of my difficult subjects, I realized that the view that was so beautiful and worth an attention has changed to a dull and unlovely.
Autumn which brought the color, not only to the leaves but also in my life, like others, have passed away leaving behind the winter where everything is as doomed as it could be. The more colors autumn had, winters had exactly same amount of gloominess, as if it tried to hide the beauty of its sister season that just passed away; as if it didn’t wanted her mother Nature to be adored anymore; as if it wanted to be cursed for its presence. Well I can evaluate something from this and that would be the dual (or more) personality of the same element Nature.
It won’t be new for almost all of us if we see someone known reacting in a different way as s/he used to do before. Someone happy go lucky turning into gloomy personality or someone too friendly turns into a reserved being..For us, its a big change in that person and his/her attitude. We judge so quickly that we don’t even want to give a second thought and ask, ‘why?’. Or may be some of us do get the second level of the question but then we don’t wait for the correct answer to come since we then immediately want an answer, and that answer is nothing but a post judgement of of our pre-judgement, ‘why and how could this happen?’. And in this hurry we reach the wrong conclusion, actually which is wrong most of the times, that the person has changed because his/her selfish motive got over.
Pheww, and then the problems begin. N number of thoughts, most of them bad and weird and bitchy, no happiness is left anymore inside our heart for the other person because we have accepted that what we evaluated is the only, unique, answer. So, everything is over!

If something like this has happened with you then the only short and sweet solution is to be patient with your own self and let your soul breath. Let your soul not worry about something that does not exist and try to find out a valid justification to your own question. Sometimes, people change unknowingly, sometimes knowingly because they have to, and sometimes its just a matter of circumstances that they change and they will be back to normal when the circumstances have passed. Just like, one phase of Nature brings us autumn, full of colors, love, beauty and serenity, whereas, winters bring sadness, gloom and cutting weather. But, its a game of time. Soon, bad attitude will change and will be back to its joyous mode again. Rather blaming the Nature to be bad, have patience and meanwhile learn from what its bad phase has to teach you. And what can be taught best than ‘Patience, the key to enlightenment’!
When autumn will come, you can enjoy it more since now you have one more special quality in you that will make you different from others..

So, just in case you wonder why people have changing attitudes, remember Nature and learn to be patient. You will never be hurt nor you will be disappointed. Because every bad thing is followed by Good, for sure!


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