Happy Elections in you!

While the race of politicians is on its full pace fighting for the seat of PM, people have forgotten that there’s another race to be joined which is far more important than this, the race for bringing the change in YOU!
No matter who will be the next PM of our country, what matters is who all will be taking correct decisions in getting back the lost glory of the country. It is, of course, PM who is responsible for big issues of getting rid of poverty, corruption, low-paid jobs of highly talented youth, I think smaller issues like being honest and improving the degrading level of trust on other countrymen is more important and is the responsibility of the YOUTH i.e. US.
So, irrespective of wherever you stay (India or abroad), whatever profession you have (engineer/doctor/ artist..), what ever your age is (<18 yrs and not eligible to vote), try to elect a new PM in you to bring the CHANGE IN YOU!!!

Happy Elections my Indian Friends.



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