Attention!! Type 2 level.

Well this is the first time I am trying to write down something which I have experienced and is more scientific and has proper facts and figures to be logical than my other notes which are mostly philosophical. Its nothing different than a snoozed alarm – Type 2 Diabetes.

To start with, this type of diabetes means that the sugar level in your blood is lower than the measurable level which confirm you being diabetic but, is higher than the normal sugar level which your body can manage and work well with. This is a new type of diabetes which is increasing with high speed in the current generation because of improper food habits and lifestyle. I won’t start lecturing about changing your diet plans or the way you lead your life but I hope once you go through the facts and figures about this you yourself would be able to envisage the aftermath of such a serial-silent killer.

I would explain this in simple words. Our body functions in a way that whenever we consume carbohydrates it converts (breaks) it into Glucose (blood sugar). Pancreas releases insulin when the blood containing glucose hit its wall. The already existing insulin receptor cells in the blood are now ready to consume the glucose and thereby carrying it to all the parts of the body. This way, carbohydrates – which are converted to glucose – provides energy to our body.

But, this cycle gets disturbed due to irregular diet habits and also regular intake of things like finely grained wheat flour (majority of junk food like pizza and burgers are made of this), sweet beverages (cold drinks, energy drinks and also 0 sugar drinks). The carbo-decomposition cycle is disturbed in such a way that the insulin receptor cells in the blood fail to consume the glucose present in the blood. Consequently, body feels lethargic and blood-sugar increases because of non-consumption of glucose. This certainly shoots the sugar level in the blood but not to an extent to be declared as a diabetic!

Symptoms like feeling hungry in an hour or two even after having quite a heavy meal each time, feeling sleepy after a light meal during the day, an apple shaped body (a big belly but slim upper and lower part, for both genders) are some symptoms of this tpye 2 diabetes.

After many similar researches, United States of America have now started banning brands like McD, KFC and other Pizza brands to prevent the current and coming generations of their country from being obese or diabetic.

P.S. carbonated drinks like cola, pepsi and red bull add to the same.

I, therefore, request you to WATCH YOUR DIET and don’t simply run for food which is tempting since it might be REALLY DANGERous and HARMful for you and your health!!

Life is precious. Most importantly its short. If you wanna live it, living HEALTHY way is far better than living WEALTHY way!



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