Simply, Nature!


Nature, as we call it, is the most extraordinary, marvelous and the most wonderful thing that can happen ever in human life. We might fail to comprehend its ingenious tricks but we still adore it. We love it because it is simply beautiful and worth an appreciation.
Well, nature is the reason why all of us exist today and will exist for the coming years. But why do we make it so hard to be accepted; why do we complicate things when they’re simple; why do we try to solve the things when there are actually no puzzles around; why do we deny when we are at the verge of accepting..We all do this just because we can’t accept things the way they are. Today, while having a walk with my friends I realize that we all face different circumstances in our lives. Some of which are bad and some are good, some are weird and some are completely worst but at the end, things are simple. May be we are ones making them entangled and then trying to resolve them.

I think we find pleasure in having difficult things. I have learned one thing, ‘neither easily available opportunities nor easily approachable people are ever valued’. We confront the ones who want see our happiness and we fall for them who do not even care. We never opt for a position which is available to us but, always struggle which was never meant for us. We deny having a used item just because we want a new one without even realizing that may be we are not even worth of it. We treat our own selves graciously without even thinking that are we even worth of self importance?

I would put all this in a category of confusion. We create confusions on our own and once they cross the upper limit we complaint. What else we could do.. There is one thing we could do, we could try to be simple. More or less like a child, who just does what s/he wants. With this, I’m sure many of us would feel being foolish since we can’t live foolishly but somewhere deep down we know this is the only source of happiness. No cruel intentions, no bad thoughts, no clever plans, no cheap cheating. Accepting the way life is going is always beautiful, just like the nature. Loving the ones who love you, having what nature has to offer to you. Struggle is always good but to an extent. As we know, ultimately, life is too short to spend it completely in struggling for what we don’t have but its more than enough to enjoy what we’re offered by this phenomenal and magnificent nature! 🙂


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