Unexpected Transitions!

”I wonder how the clock of this life ticks, how from no where something just clicks,
How unknowns can become so close, how smiles can come all around with no morose,
How friends become foe and foe becomes friend, and to this uncertainty there is no end,
How life turns on its switch, and there is nothing to bother about any glitch,
How time travels slower and smoother, and surroundings become soother,
How things happen all of a sudden in a fraction of a second, where all you few minutes ago was a dead-end,
How, how can this transition be so abrupt, feels like the DVD of life was a bit corrupt,
I try finding these loop holes in this chapter of life, and the more I get into it the more hard I have to struggle to survive..”

I don’t know whether this is the case with all of us or its simply me who faces such transitions in life, but one thing I am sure about is that each one of us must have faced at least one or the other thing written above. Its strange when things change abruptly, it becomes hard to accept this change because it was not only unexpected but was completely out of the picture. When you need something the most it often happens that you don’t get it and you lose faith in yourself and give up. And one day, while doing your regular routine work you see that thing, on its place, the very place where you had left it earlier; where it is so easily visible and you ask yourself, ”was it there or it has been kept now?”, and your answer is, I think I didn’t find it with full attention..

I would say, you definitely must have tried finding it with your best effort but the reason you couldn’t find it would be its need. It wasn’t needed at that point of time, and so you didn’t had it..although you thought you wanted it but it wasn’t required. Well this sounds a little befuddling but is logical and not hypothetical at all.

Many of us fail to accept the existence of something supernatural that rules our lives. For all of those people I would say, there definitely exists something like that, though it might not be controlling our lives but, is definitely synchronizing it with what suits us the best! Things which we really need, people who we really care and who care for us, moments that are truly required to be cherished or cry.

We can never ever know how nature works, may be some day science would extirpate all the myths and extrapolate the truth behind everything, but until then lets simply live these unexpected transitions and Have Fun with the people we like and who makes us smile even for a while. 🙂


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