Living Life!

Often while walking I think about the things I do and the things I should have done but I don’t do and there’s always a gap between them. It happens too rare when the things I did coincide with things I should have done, and these are the times when I’m happy, really happy.

But just few minutes ago, I realized how can I be so sure that in both the cases I am thinking correctly? It might happen that for me the ‘should be done things’ are ones which shouldn’t be done. And if that is true, then what is correct? Do I know? Did I ever know? Would I be able to know in future? I don’t think so.

It is all destiny, you can’t plan your life, you can’t control it, you can’t rule it, all you can do is Live it. Its life, a little strange, a little complicated, more fun when twisted less fun when clear. Its so obvious that the moment we realize what we wanted has happened is the moment we lose its importance or may be we value it for a while but sooner or later we don’t want that anymore. We want something new, something interesting and more challenging.

We try doing different things. We plan so much just to have have everything in shape. We plan next morning’s meal, lunch then dinner and then coming month’s vacations and so on. The planning list never ends. But is it right? Is it really what is required to be done? Umm, I don’t agree.

For me, what is more important is to live your life the moment you are in. Be simple and go with the flow. Be honest and don’t cheat. Be good and don’t let the bad touch your soul. Be clear and worth lending an ear.

Don’t waste your life in planning the future, or evaluating the past. Follow your own rules and hurt no one. Be a human and cherish the beauty that you’ve been gifted by the superpower!!



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