Your way!

What stops you from taking a step forward when you have it all: everything that you wished one day, every happiness you dreamt of, every single moment you desired to cherish. Sometimes something simply pops up and you feel terribly bounded and you hold it for that moment. You lose all the happiness and faith in having a good time and you believe more in ‘Life’s a hell’ thing!
Hmm, so what is the solution? I don’t know either. But I can think of something witty, what if we just take that step and move on and let things happen the way they’re happening. Because anyhow they will happen without our permission. Even if your step went wrong don’t worry, nothing Perfect has ever happened with anyone, then why expect it with us?

Just go ahead and take a sip of your desires, if its bitter you have a chance to change to something better, enjoy it otherwise,, because there you have it all!!


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