For Friends!

I believe your destiny plays it all, but sometimes I believe in the actions we do too. Relationship is something we decide to get into, be it any: friends, lovers, acquaintances, enemies and the like. I feel its something like a kind of compromise between the two most important Hs, the most adorable things we have been gifted: the Heart and the Head.

Its kind of a rare combination when both work in harmony and decide to take a decision which is worth and beautiful. I don’t know why am I writing this kind of stuff- this is what my head thinks, because my heart knows why am I jotting these random things, on a random night, on random timing.

I have been through a lot of good, a lot of bad and a lot of okay-okay stuff till date, and with that I have grown up to a limit where I can see the difference between the thinking and decision of my head and my heart. I have the time when both have antipodal thoughts; also when both have quite similar thoughts but it has happened very rare when both of their decisions coincide, and that is the time when I realize my life is beautiful. But, that is not the only time when my life is beautiful, it is also when I take decisions from my head and ignore my heart; also when I do what my heart wants. What does then this suppose to be? It means thta you need to have – may be not a perfect – but a little balance between the two.

It is not always that one has to think from his/her brain, I completely agree when it comes to this cruel world you not to let your heart decide at all, but may be the situtaion to be judged is too critical to be analyzed practically; may be it requires a kind of soft corner to be taken care of; may be it is subtle yet easy to uncode, and there you need your little red organ, pumping inside your body, to decide what is right and what is wrong. Close your eyes and try to envisage the future, and if you’re done with it, you’ve made yourself happy.

Some say, you’re a fool, immature, unwise and an idiot if you take decisions with your heart, and listening this you tend to become a loser becasue you eventually lose your heart and your head wins over. I don’t say its not good, may be it is, but may be it is not wise. I think, a wise decision would be to have a proper balance between the two Hs.

Its as simple as, you can’t love with head, and if you do that it isn’t love, similarly you can’t trade with your heart, if you do it won’t be a trade!!

Today; on friendship day, I would like to advice all my friends to have a balance between the two most precious things they have in them. Use them wisely, so that when you grow old you don’t repent, rather feel great and teach you coming generation the real tactics to LIVE in this beautiful world and not just survive like other beings.

‘Have a happy Friendship day Friends’. I wish, you get to know the gist of this stupid random stuff for you!!


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