The only You.

You’re so beautiful that even thinking about you makes a man precious, 
You’re so glamorous that even a barbie can’t compete with you,

You’re so cute that even a 3 months baby blush when you hold him in your arms,
You’re so fabulous that even a simple cotton outfit on your body becomes worth a billion when you wear it,

You’re so fascinating that a single flip of your eye lids fascinates the biggest magician of this universe,
You’re so smashing that you’re single look blows off the most strong mountain,

You’re so magnificent that even the sunrise is taken a back in front of your extravagant attitude,
You’re superb, wonderful, glittering, gorgeous, lavish, luxurious, noble and radiant..

Above all this you are UNIQUE; there’s only one YOU!!!! 

So just try to be a Master piece of the eternal Master….as there can be one YOU and no one else can be YOU!


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